How to Maintain the Wooden Floor

Purchase the right cleaning tools

The minute you realize that you are dealing with wooden floors, you need to get the right cleaning tools. These include a microfiber dust mop, a vacuum, and a cleaning solution. The microfiber dust mop is essential since it has a very soft cleaning surface. It means that you don’t risk scratching your wooden floors at all. The vacuum is also a vital cleaning tool. Its work is to collect dust and small debris without affecting the integrity of your floors. It is one of the best ways to take care of wooden floors. The step can seem vague, but it is the first thing to do if at all you want to keep your floors sparkling clean always.

Always use a damp or dry cloth

Let’s say the dust is too much and you want to clean the floors, try and use a dry cloth if possible. If not, go ahead and use a damp cloth. Something about wooden floors is that they are very delicate when it comes to water. Remember, the wood has pores, and it can end up absorbing the water, which can lead to rotting of the wood or bulging of your surface. So to avoid such scenarios, make use of a damp cloth. You should also ensure that you keep the floors dry at all times. It is one way to avoid sudden degradation.

Avoid Dragging things on the floor

Be it your light chair or your adorable led floor lamp, you need to make sure that you carry them and not pull or push them around on your wooden floors. By doing so, you prevent the formation of scratches that can end up leading to repairs, thus costing you a lot. In case something is hard to move across the room, ask for a helping hand. Don’t risk moving the furniture hopping that you will not scratch your floor. This is because you will end up having disappointments.

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Shine your wood using teabags

You must be wondering what Teabags have to do with the cleaning of a wooden floor. Well, before getting to that, you need to know what to do. First, take a bag of tea leaves and place it in a cup of boiling water. Once it soaks, go ahead and remove the bags then squeeze the water from them. Take caution, you don’t end up with a burn. Once that is done, wipe the floor with the tea bags. Doing so guarantees shiny wooden floors. It is because the tannic acid in the tea leaves is very useful in clearing the surface of wood floors and leaving behind a shiny coat. Doing this at least twice a week can help keep your wooden floor extremely clean.

Use a vinegar solution to clean off greasy dirt

As much as you try to avoid dirtying the floors, some instances are unavoidable. You can thus find yourself facing greasy or oily dirt. The best way to deal with such an issue is to make use of one of the best solutions. That is mixing one cup of vinegar with a gallon of water. It is one of those steps to maintain a wooden floor that is very effective. Clean in the direction of the wood grain. This way if it happens to dry up with a streak, it doesn’t show up quickly. After that, you should dry your floor with a dry and clean cloth or leave it to air dry. Any is effective.

How to Maintain the Wooden Floor
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It is not easy to maintain a wooden floor, but with the above steps, it becomes easy to clean them and make them last longer. All you have to do is use the right solutions and tools. It is the only way to get rid of both dust and greasy mess. With some little bit of creativity, you can effortlessly get them to shine and illuminate the whole area.

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