Eric Poulin Review:

If you are looking for a dedicated agent who works hard for your needs and protects your best interest, then hire this man Rich Racine. He has sold My fathers house with just a few showings and has many contacts and resources to get the job done.  So he sold my fathers house… big deal right. Well, then he found my wife and I a home to purchase that one would call impossible. A 4 bedroom home on almost a full acre of land with a two bedroom in-law apartment for my father. We found one and they wanted $282,000 for it. We didn’t think we could get it because it was too high. He encouraged us to go for it and offer what we would like it for. Well, I can tell you that with his skills in negotiation and experience, we signed for an amazing $265,00. Know I can’t tell you that you will win your bid this low, but if you need someone on your side with your best interest in mind, then this is the man and company to go with, He is now selling my current home and I am willing to say that it will sell before four weeks time. You’re the best Rich, Thanks for everything

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